September San Diego Taphophile Updates

A Cross-Cultural Look at Undas as Practiced in the Philippines

In recognition of the large Filipino population here, my September San Diego Taphophile updates includes Undas. It is the Philippine version of Day of the Dead. Here are two articles that discuss how it evolved in the Philippines:

Tracing traditions and understanding Undas (

The origin of the word “undás“ | EL FILIPINISMO (

The photo below shows a family member placing flowers and candles on the group tomb of his ancestors. You can see the list of the ancestors on the tomb. Many Filipinos use the occasion to travel to their ‘hometown’ to visit with family at the graves of their ancestors. In larger cemeteries, the number of people arriving for Undas can cause a problem. Local police may have to restrict the number of people traveling to the cemetery because it interrupts traffic.

A photo for my September San Diego Taphophile update-a family member placing flowers and candles on the family tomb during Undas in the Philippines

Here in San Diego County, most of the cemeteries close at dusk, so visits to the cemetery to observe Undas must be done during the day.

Which San Diego area cemeteries/graveyards allow Dia de Los Muertos decorations?

These are the locations that I know allow families to place Dia de Los Muertos decorations like you see in the photo:

My photo of a gravesite decorated for Dia de Los Muertos
September San Diego Taphophile Updates

Mission San Luis Rey

Greenwood Memorial Park and Mortuary in San Diego, CA

El Campo Santo Cemetery in San Diego, California – Find a Grave Cemetery

A link to more info on Dia de Los Muertos events in Old Town San Diego:

Search | KPBS Public Media

Mortuaries, Cemetery & Funeral Homes Near Me in San Diego, CA | LA VISTA Memorial Park

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